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How to Avoid Common Winter Plumbing Problems Part II

Especially within our northern climate, when winter comes, the temperatures can drop quickly.  This can wreak havoc on your plumbing system, as there are many issues that can arise from freezing temperatures.  Lucky for you, our London Ontario plumbers can help save your pipes by visiting your home when problems occur.  Here are some additional ways to avoid winter plumbing problems.  For part I of our series, click here!

How to…Avoid Burst Pipes

This is easily the biggest winter plumbing headache.  Any exposed pipes will freeze.  Freezing causes water to expand which can result in burst pipes.  Avoid this by asking the experts at BEST Plumbing & Drainage to winterize your home’s pipes.

How to…Keep Your Sump Pump in Good Shape

Sump pumps are used to help keep basements dry and to prevent flooding.  If you listen during heavy rainfalls, you will probably hear your sump pump working hard to keep the water out of your basement.  They truly are a key part of your plumbing and drainage maintenance system.

During the winter, your sump pump lines can freeze, especially the discharge pipe.  If the discharge pipe is frozen, the sump pump can burn out.  Avoid this issue by making sure the discharge is properly graded and will drain out by gravity.  Also ensure that there are no obstructions in the pipe or at the end of the line where it empties out.  Contact a London Ontario plumber from BEST to make sure your sump pump is working properly this winter. For more tips on sump pump maintenance, check out this informative article.

How to…Keep Kitchen Pipes in Working Order

Contractors frequently install a kitchen sink near an outside wall of the home in order to perk up the dreary task of washing dishes with a view of the great outdoors.  In the winter, this can be bad news, as the water lines located close to an outside wall can easily freeze.  Combat this problem by opening cabinet doors and letting the warm room air flow inside.  Warm air will prevent the pipes from freezing.  You can also prevent this by ensuring pipes have proper insulation from the elements.  If the pipes have already froze, it’s best to call in a BEST plumbing maintenance expert for assistance.

How to…Keep Things Flowing Through Your Septic Tank

You are almost guaranteed that issues will arise if you fail to monitor the levels of waste in your septic tank.  The mess and the stench from the backup are not pleasant, no matter how cold it gets outside.  On top of that, digging into frozen ground to gain access to replace the frozen pipes is going to be much more difficult and expensive than having your septic system cleaned regularly.  Spend a bit now to save yourself much more down the road.  Have your septic tank pumped out by a professional plumber in the fall to avoid backup problems in the winter.

For more tips on preventing a frozen septic system, click here.

BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors offer a variety of services for winter plumbing needs.  We offer 24 hour emergency service as well as a wealth of resources on various plumbing issues.  If you have a plumbing problem, contact our London Ontario plumbers for fast, friendly and affordable service.

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