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Benefits To Video Pipeline Inspections

BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors can diagnose and fix a problem with your sewer lines faster, with less damage to landscaping and lawns, while removing the guess work. Imagine this scenario: you come home to discover backed up toilets, sinks or basement drains. If only you knew what the problem was, where it was, and how bad the blockage is. If only you could “see” the problem - then you would know how to fix it.

That’s where high resolution video pipeline inspections come in.

Eliminate the guess work

In the past, diagnosing the source of a blockage or other pipeline issue relied on experienced detective work and educated guesses on how to fix problems technicians couldn’t actually see. For the homeowner, this detective work could cause costly delays and unnecessary repairs.

With video inspection, a small camera on a flexible rod is sent into the sewer lines to search out the problem. Drainage professionals can now see exactly what’s causing the problem and with radio transmitters are able to determine where the pipe is located. This process is more efficient because the problem is diagnosed and pinpointed more quickly with less guess work. And the best part, it usually means significantly less digging.

Less intrusive

In order to correctly diagnose the problem without actually seeing it, a technician would have to visually assess the sewer line regardless of whether it ran through your yard or under a paved driveway. Technicians had to dig up significant portions of your yard searching for the exact location of the problem. This inspection was limited to the exterior of the pipe and still didn’t diagnose an internal blockage. Until the problem was found, they usually had to keep digging.

The labour costs added up quickly in these situations. Technicians could spend hours searching for the problem. With video inspection, discovering and diagnosing the problem limits the amount of upheaval and can reduce labour costs. When the video inspection is complete, the technician simply retracts the camera. The problem is usually identified and fixed faster, which can save you money on your sewer repairs and it can get you and your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

More prevention

A video inspection can discover problems you might not have been aware of. The camera can identify small or moderate sized cracks, buildups, potential blockages, root intrusions, improperly fitted pipe work or collapses in your sewer lines before these issues create an emergency situation. Technicians can record exactly where and what the problem is so the work can begin immediately. This allows you to prioritize, budget, and prepare for the work ahead. This can also identify bad habits that may need to be changed such as what items are going down your drains, or areas that need attention such as intruding tree roots.

These video inspections can identify and prevent small problems from becoming big and potentially costly problems down the road.

Call BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors to request our pipeline video inspection services to eliminate guesswork and reduce potential repair time. Doing so could help you avoid extensive and expensive repairs. Request a free quote today!

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