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All You Need To Know About Catch Basin Cleaning

Catch Basins: Defined

You’re likely familiar with catch basins, even if you don’t know what they are.  You probably drive over or walk over one every day.  Catch basins, otherwise known as storm drains or storm water drains, are located on roads or parking lots.  They are the entry point into the storm drainage system for rain or melting snow.  From there, the water is either directed into the ground where it becomes part of the underground drinking water system, or it goes through storm pipes to sumps, and from there it returns to the underground water supply.  Alternatively, the occasional catch basin will redirect water into nearby bays or harbours.  Ultimately, what goes into the catch basin eventually ends up in our drinking or swimming water.

Is it Time for a Catch Basin Cleaning?

In essence, anything that’s not water can clog up your catch basin.  This could include liquids, such as oil or anti-freeze runoff from cars, or solids such as foam containers or plastic bags.  Some of the litter can be trapped, but the debris that passes through ends up in our water supply.  The problem with this is that catch basins aren’t equipped to remove these pollutants from the water.  We can all agree that we don’t want our drinking water tainted with anti-freeze or pet waste!

As a cautionary tale, if your catch basin becomes clogged, the end result could be surface flooding and detrimental water damage to your property.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to be proactive in terms of catch basin cleaning and storm water maintenance.  You’ll need a thorough program from a proven plumbing service, such as BEST Plumbing and Drainage. 

How to Prevent Debris from Building Up in Your Catch Basins

When it comes to catch basin cleaning in London, prevention will go a long way.  Here are some things you can do that will keep litter from getting into our drinking water:

  • If there is any organic plant material in your yard, don’t use a hose to wash it down the catch basin.  Instead, use a broom to sweep it up.
  • Ensure that all hazardous materials are properly used and stored.  They should never be dumped down a catch basin. 
  • Reduce water runoff by not overwatering your lawn. 
  • Put your pet waste in the garbage

If you’re looking for a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for your catch basin, contact BEST and ask about our storm water management services.  We will make a detailed layout of all of your catch basins and sanitary sewers and document any equipment or system that has the potential to malfunction.  From there, we will schedule regular inspections.  This will allow us to perform any catch basin cleaning in London services as needed.  Not only that, but we will share our inspection findings with you, so you will always know exactly how healthy your sewer system is.  Our services are in accordance with provincial and municipal requirements and could help you avoid costly water damage to your property.    

Catch basins can be pretty nasty business, depending on what they get clogged with.  Any debris poured down there will come back to haunt you.  So take the initiative with our catch basin cleaning in London services.  Contact BEST Plumbing and Drainage today to request your free, no-obligation quote!

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