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Fall Tips To Prevent A Wet Basement This Winter

The cooler autumn weather has arrived and brings the promise of even colder winter weather to come. Is your basement ready? There are a few things homeowners can do this fall to prevent potential basement leaks in the spring when the ground thaws. These are simple tips that just might save you some expenses down the road or at least it could diagnose problems now so you can get those fixed before more expensive repairs are required.


Take a walk around your home and inspect where the foundation meets the framing. Are there any gaps in the insulation or joints? Locate and fix any holes around pipes, cables, or other entry points into the house. This will not only help your house stay warmer this winter, but will also keep the water out. Ask the experts at Best Plumbing and Drainage Contractors if you discover any problems and need an expert opinion on how to fix them properly.


Be sure that any landscaping around your home’s foundation does not trap water. Whether you’re using plastic as a weed barrier or edging to keep the grass out, if water doesn’t drain away from the house’s foundation,it could eventually find a way inside. Be sure the slope of any landscaping is away from the house’s foundation for the same reasons.

Downspouts and Gutters

Eavestroughs, gutters and downspouts are supposed to channel the water coming off your roof to the ground, but if all that water is draining down against your home’s foundation, a wet basement could be inevitable. Install downspouts or extensions that take water well away from the foundation. Splash guards can help prevent soil erosion at the end of the downspout. Clear out leaves from the gutters to prevent water from spilling over and saturating the soil next to your home’s foundation.

Sump Pump

A sump pump collects and removes water that would otherwise collect under your foundation and basement.But draining the discharge too close to the house is a big mistake. The discharge pipe should be underground where freezing is not an issue and the water should be transferred as far away from the house as possible.

Window Wells

Window wells are great for allowing light into otherwise dark basements and providing alternate routes of escape should one be needed in an emergency. But they can also trap water and cause wet basement problems. Clear out any leaves or other debris in the window well because if left alone, they prevent water from draining as designed and can put water into your basement through windowcracks and seams. A well-caulked window frame should prevent that, but better safe than sorry.

Swimming Pools

At this time of year, many homeowners need to drain some water out of their pools. Be sure the water being drained is channelled well away from your home’s foundation. Water will always follow the path of least resistance and if the ground becomes super saturated, it will do its best to find any small cracksin cement and seep into your basement.


Overseeding lawns is commonly done in the fall. Planting ryes and fescues will not only thicken up your lawn and fill in the bare spots as intended, but it will also have the added benefit of being more drought resistant, so your lawn will require less water next summer to stay green. A hardy lawn will also prevent soil erosion, which is particularly important around a home’s foundation.

If you discover any problems that you feel are outside your ability to address, give our experts a call. BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors is one of the most well equipped full-service drainage and waterproofing companies in London serving Southwestern Ontario. Don’t leave your leaky basement problems for too long. Contact our London Ontario waterproofing service for more information.

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