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The Damaging Effects of Grease on Your Pipes

You already know that those delicious, high-fat, home cooked meals are bad for your arteries - but did you also know that fat, lard and grease is also bad for your drainage system?  Clogged drainage systems can look a lot like the clogged arteries of someone who’s spent too much time enjoying fried chicken, bacon, hamburgers and French fries.  And just like your arteries, eventually things will stop flowing properly through your home's drainage pipes.

How Grease Can Damage Your London Ontario Drainage

When you pour hot grease down your drain, the grease sticks to the inside of the pipe.  While many people believe that running hot water down the drain can alleviate the problem, they are wrong.  Eventually, the pipes and grease will cool causing the grease to stick to pipe's surfaces.  It may take a while, but slowly and surely, grease will block up your entire pipe, leaving you with a drainage maintenance disaster on your hands.  And just like the healthcare costs of fixing clogged arteries, fixing clogged drains can cost you upwards of several hundred dollars.  If at all possible, try to dispose of your grease in a jar or a container.  Your pipes will thank you.

Drainage Maintenance 911: What to Do If You Accidentally Pour Grease Down the Drain

A single pour does not create a clog.  However, the best damage control you can do if you do accidentally pour some grease down your London Ontario drainage is to pour a quart of boiling hot water down the drain on a regular basis.  This will liquefy the grease and move it further down the pipes.  Adding some baking soda and vinegar will help break down the fats and make your drain smell fresher.  As an extra precaution, pour a bit of ammonia down the drain to help clear any extra grease from the pipe. 

How to Tell if Your Drain is Clogged With Grease

Early warning signs of clogged London Ontario drainage system include:

  • Slow water drainage
  • Gurgling sound
  • A bad smell emanating from your drains
  • Continuing to put grease down the drain

If you’re experiencing a clog in your kitchen sink and you have put grease down the sink, then it may be a grease clog, but more than likely it's a combination clog. Sometimes a piece of hard material can get stuck in your drain. Excessive grease build-up, when coupled with this type of obstruction, can really speed up the clogging process.

Take Preventative Action!

Obviously, the most important thing you can do to prevent a grease-clogged drain is to not pour grease down the drain to begin with!  You can also keep your drains clear by once a week, filling up your sink to the brim with hot water and then pulling the stopper.  This should completely fill the pipe and create a clearing effect.  Again, you can improve results by adding some vinegar and baking soda to the mixture for a natural clean.

Keep the fat out of your drains!  For more information about our plumbing expertise, visit our Pluming Services page on our BEST website today.

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