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Help! My Basement Is Wet

Spring thaw and rain might be a welcome relief from winter, but your wet basement might not be. When you walk into the basement and discover water questions flood your mind. Where’s the water coming from? What’s ruined? What can I save? Wet basements are a real headache and the experts at Best Plumbing and Drainage want to help make the clean up as smooth as possible.

First, see if there are any obvious sources of the water you can shut off. If there’s a burst pipe, malfunctioning appliance or leaking sink or toilet, turn off the water so the damage doesn’t get worse. If the leak is coming from outside the house, that’s a bigger fix.

Remove anything that is in danger of being ruined. Basements are great places to store things, and if you have paper, wood, or fabric based items on the floor get those to a higher level (carpets, furniture, electronics, books, etc.). It might be too late, but you may be able to dry some of these things out and use them again. It’s important to get these items dry as quickly as possible because mold will grow if left in the basement to air out.

Try and contain the flooding. If the basement is leaking in one area, try and isolate the water so it doesn’t cause more damage. Mop up the mess if it’s manageable.

Call A Professional

At this point, if you know the leak is coming from inside the home, call a plumber or other repair person. You may want to involve your insurance company depending on the scale and scope of the damage.

Best Plumbing and Drainage has specialized in wet basements for over 30 years. If the source of the leak is the foundation of your home, water is seeping in from outside, that needs professional help. We can verify where the leak is and diagnose the cause of the leak.

It’s not wise to ignore the damage being done to the outside of your home’s foundation even if you’re able to manage the leak in the basement and clean up the mess. The integrity of any building’s foundation is crucial. The best waterproofing we can offer is to not just treat the damage but fix the source of the problem so you don’t have to deal with it again.

Does the slope of the land need correcting? Are drains and eaves correctly functioning to keep water from pooling around the foundation? Not every property needs a sump pump, but a reliable sump pump that will remove water from where you don’t want it might be a home saver option. Maybe you need to consider replacing an older sump pump or installing one with greater capacity to remove water.

Even if your basement doesn’t leak that often, the damage to the foundation continues uninterrupted and the dampness and humidity will negatively affect your enjoyment of the space if you don’t correct the problem. And what you can’t see can hide an even bigger issue.

Wet basements are a significant problem. Let the experts at Best Plumbing and Drainage Contractors help you find the source of your water problem and fix it right the first time. Contact us for a free quote. We proudly serve all of Middlesex, Huron and Perth counties.

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At BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors, we feel it's important to help homeowners understand the role of the contractor and the various construction solutions available for each unique plumbing, wet basement repair and drainage issue. We are more than happy to consult with you and help navigate the process.

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