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How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Water Heater

Whether you end your day with a soothing bath or start your morning with a hot shower, nothing is more relaxing or invigorating than a cascade of warm water. But the luxury of warm water comes at a cost – both financially and environmentally. An inefficient water heater can drain both your pocketbook and the planet, so what are you waiting for? The following fives tips from the plumbing contractors at BEST will help your water heater run more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Check the temperature
    If you're running yours hot water heater at 65 degrees Celsius or more, you're wasting energy. Lowering the temperature setting just five degrees can save you as much as 12%-15% on your energy bill.
  2. Get insulated
    The hot water heater is responsible for heating the water (obviously). But, it's the pipes' responsibility to get the water from the hot water heater to your shower. Properly insulated pipes lose less heat, resulting in a warmer shower and lower bills.

    Water heater's themselves can also be insulated using specially designed insulation jackets. A professionally installed hot water heater insulation jacket can help you save up to 10% on your hot water bills. The plumbing contractors at BEST have also found that insulated jackets can reduce heat loss from your hot water tank by as much as a third.
  3. Say goodbye to sediment
    A properly maintained water heater needs to be drained of any sediment regularly. To do this, simply find the discharge pipe, place a bucket underneath it, and turn off the cold water supply valve. In your bathroom, turn on the hot water tap (this will release any pressure that has built up in the tank). You can now safely drain the tank and flush out the sediment. The plumbing contractors at BEST highly recommend reading your owner's manual prior to attempting this maintenance procedure. A trained professional can also help walk you through this procedure.
  4. Install low flow shower heads and sink nozzles
    Did you know that nearly a quarter of your home's water is lost through the shower? Installing a low flow shower head will help you reduce your water output in the shower by nearly two-thirds. Reducing demand for water will also reduce your hot water heater's energy output, which of course, will reduce your energy costs.
  5. Schedule regular maintenance checks
    Regular maintenance checks by a qualified plumbing contractor can go a long way towards increasing the life and overall efficiency of your water heater. At the minimum, make sure you have your water heater inspected annually by a BEST Plumbing & Drainage contractor. This appointment will include a thorough check of the pressure relief valve, tank inspection, and sediment cleaning. Our technicians will also check for any rust, wear, or corrosion.

Is your water heater leaving you feeling cold? Then contact the plumbing contractors at BEST Plumbing & Drainage. Our professional plumbers have the knowledge and expertise needed to inspect, install, and repair a wide variety of hot water heater types and models.