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Plumbing Resolutions to Keep this Year

After the excesses of the holiday season, many people resolve to live a more moderate lifestyle come January 1st. If you're determined to cut your spending and save money this year, now's the time to focus on drainage maintenance. Taking preventative plumbing action now could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.  This year, resolve to take care of your London Ontario drainage system, and make it a resolution that sticks!

Resolution #1: Treat Your Drainage Right!

There is a reason that a plumbing metaphor is often used for the body.  You put a lot of things in to both (some good, some not-so-good) and if you don’t take care of either, problems will start to pile up over time.  You won’t notice it at first, but one day the floodgates will open and you'll be faced with a very messing problem. Here are just a few preventative plumbing maintenance projects to consider this January:

  • Your kitchen plumbing: If you have a garbage disposal or garberator, make sure what you put into it can be ground up easily.  If nothing else, resolve that you will never again pour grease down the drain.
  • Use eco-friendly drain cleaners: With the environment being an area of focus for our society, now it’s easier than ever to find alternative cleaning products that are gentle on the pipes, but not on the clogs.  This year, resolve to stop using industrial strength chemicals that could damage the environment and your pipes. 
  • Insulate your pipes in the winter: Let's face it – London winters are cold!  Harsh winter conditions (remember the epic snowstorms of ’07 and ’10?) can do just as much damage to your pipes as they do to road conditions.  If a pipe is frozen, it’s more likely to crack. Insulating your pipes can save you buckets of money down the road.

Resolution #2: Go Low-Flow!

Low-flow is not just another environmentally-friendly gimmick, nor is it a strategy of home improvement stores to make you think you need to upgrade your bathroom accessories.  These nifty fixtures actually fight water waste.  Upgrading your water-carriers is a great drainage maintenance tactic:

  • Showers and Faucets: Before you think that a low-flow showerhead also means low water pressure, think again!  Low-flow shower faucets increase the amount of air in the water so that you’ll still have the same high-pressure showers that you know and love, but with less water.  If you install automatic shutoff faucets, it will enforce water conservation, which will in turn enforce something else that you may like – water bill conservation.  Less water used equals less money owed on your utility bill.
  • Toilets: This has a powerful impact on your water consumption, as we use our toilets daily.  You will cut back on wasteful water usage by installing low-flush technology.  Going for a dual-flush option gives you even more control over your drainage usage. BEST can offer you options to ensure you don’t flush your money down the drain. 

Resolution #3: I Will Save Money for Future Drainage Maintenance!

If you have an issue with your drainage system, it could be very costly to fix.  The price of ripping up your walls to get to the pipes, fixing the pipes, and then putting everything back together can add up quickly. 

Wouldn't it just be easier (and more affordable) to schedule regular maintenance reviews?

From maintenance to repairs, the plumbing contractors at BEST Plumbing & Drainage will always offer you a competitive price and workmanship you can trust.  Contact us today for all of your London Ontario drainage maintenance needs!

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