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How to Handle Septic Drain Field Problems

Septic drain field problems are the worst kind.  Usually other types of plumbing issues can be fixed with minimal headaches.  At least, those headaches will seem minimal compared to this one:  if your septic drain field is clogged, you need to replace the entire thing. 

You May Be in Need of Septic Repair Services If…

  • There are odours or persistent wet spots on the field.
  • Your plumbing gradually becomes slow or it slows down when you use it heavily or during wet months.
  • There are still problems even if you have had the tank recently pumped
  • The tank is flooded

Why Do Septic Tanks Fail?

Septic repairs are required if the tank is clogged with solids.  If the tank has not been pumped periodically, then solids will migrate out of the tank and into the septic drain causing either the perforated distribution pipe or pores in the soil to become clogged.

Another need for septic repair services is if you experience root blockages.  Root growth can absorb discharge but it can also clog disposal lines, trenches, and hinder drain field function.  Do not use root deterrent products on roots either.  They have copper sulphate or “bluestone” which can kill off beneficial organisms and poison the water table. 

If you have high groundwater problems, the septic tank won’t be able to perform its cleaning action.  You will likely need our septic repair service to help improve your drainage.

Failed Drain Fields and Their Remedies

There are two types of drain failure.  If it’s partially failed, it will work in dry weather, but not in heavy rains or during periods of high household use.  If it’s completely failed, then no remedial steps can be taken and you need to contact septic repair services.

If the drain is partially failed, contact Best Plumbing and Drainage and we will flush the drain with our high pressure flushers.  It is possible that cleaning the distribution pipe may work if the progression is not that far.  If the problem is caused by roots, have our drainage team dig up the field and look.  We can remove invasive trees and plants, which should help the drain field recover over time.

If your drain has completely failed, we can help with design and installation of a new system. 

Distribution Box Solution

If your drain field is completely saturated, you will need professional help to fix it.  If you have several drain fields, inspect them to make sure they are not all overloaded.  If you're lucky, you might be able to squeak by with the installation of a distribution box with flow levellers.  Be sure to adjust the levellers so effluent flows to under-utilized lines.  This lets over-utilized lines rest and rejuvenate.  This process may take a few months.  If all fields are saturated, contact us for immediate assistance.

BEST Plumbing and Drainage inspects, installs, diagnoses, and repairs septic tanks and all other components of septic systems.  For more information about our London Ontario septic repairs, give us a call at 519.438.6565!

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