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Why You May Need London Septic System Repairs

Have you ever come home to the wonderful surprise of a sewage backup in your home? Or perhaps you’ve stumbled upon a really wet and smelly spot in your yard?  Do you have to pump your septic tank more often than once per year?  If you’ve answered “yes” to any one of these questions, it’s a good sign that your septic system may have fallen into disrepair.  And a failing septic system means that sewage is not being disposed of safely, potentially threatening the health of you and your family and the environment.  Educate yourself by knowing the signs of septic system failure, as well as why your septic system could be performing poorly.

Signs of Septic System Failure

Before you conclude that you’re in need of some London septic system repairs you’ll need to know the signs.  Here are some symptoms not outlined in the introduction:

  • Your drains are emptying slowly, but they aren’t clogged, and they’re not old.
  • Your septic tank is piped to a ditch or a stream.
  • Your washing machine is piped to a road or a stream.
  • Your drains start acting up after it rains or if the ground is wet.
  • Doing laundry results in a wet spot in your yard.
  • The grass over or around your septic tank is greener than the rest of your lawn.
  • The area around your septic tank is spongy despite it not having rained for a week or longer.

Why Things Fall Apart

If you have noticed that your septic tank is failing, then now is the time to contact the experts at BEST Plumbing and Drainage to have it fixed.  With that being said, unless your septic tank is really old, there is likely a specific reason that it has failed. If you don’t address that reason, you’ll soon find yourself in an endless cycle of London septic system repairs.  Stop the madness and figure out what’s causing the damage.

Are You Using Too Much Water?

Septic systems are designed for a specific wastewater flow rate.  If you exceed the flow rate, the water backs up into your house or yard.  What can bring on excessive flow rates to your septic system?

  • Leaky fixtures
  • More people moving into the house, causing an increase in water usage.
  • The addition of another water-appliance, such as a dishwasher.
  • A sump pump, icemaker, or dehumidifier drains into the septic tank.  These services add excess water. 

Aside from culprits coming from inside the house, drainage or runoff water from outside the house could overload the septic system as well.

Are You Slacking on Your Maintenance?

If you don’t make time to maintain, you will inevitably be forced to make time for London septic system repairs.  Not performing proper maintenance is a key reason as to why septic systems fail.  The solution is simple: get started on a regular septic maintenance routine!

Is Your Septic System Properly Designed and Installed?

This is twofold.  If the septic system is designed to manage the wastewater production of a specific number of people, and there are more people living in your home than it can properly handle, you’re going to run into some problems.

In addition, the soil in which the septic system is installed plays an important role in the proper disposal of wastewater.  Soil filters the waste material before the water is introduced into the groundwater.  If the soil is of the wrong type, is too wet, or is compacted, problems can arise. 
Are you in need of London septic system repairs?  Then contact BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors today to receive a free estimate.

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