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Sewer Cleanouts – How to Find Them and When to Clean Them

Often thought of as the main drain in a home, the horizontal drain line connects the house to the outdoor portion of the sewer line and then eventually to the municipal sewer system or a septic system. While most homeowners never have to worry about this important drainage system, there are always a few unlucky souls who are forced to deal with a main sewer line maintenance issue. Unfortunately, some sewer lines just aren't big enough to handle all of the discharge from showers, toilets, washing machines, and sinks. The end result: unexpected problems with your London Ontario sewer system.

How to Find Your Sewer Cleanout in Order to Conduct Sewer Maintenance

In homes constructed within the last 45 years, the cleanouts are usually located in the front of the house, under the basement floor.  This is also where the drain exits the house.  Alternatively, in the event of needing sewer maintenance, you can also find your cleanout outside the home, although it will likely be covered by several centimeters of soil.

When Should I Service My Sewer Cleanouts? 

Homeowners should clean their pipes out periodically in order to prevent sewer maintenance issues. By spending a few bucks you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in repair costs later. That being said, if you find your toilet or sink is repeatedly backing up, it’s time to call the professionals at BEST Plumbing and Drainage.

In general, aim to perform sewer maintenance at least once every 18 months to two years.  If you don’t think your sewers are in need of a full cleaning, check out our sewer maintenance page and book an exploratory pipeline video inspection. This will provide you with a detailed image of your pipes, including and blockages, root intrusions, poor pipe jobs, or collapses. If everything is free and clear, there's no need to worry about a servicing you cleanouts for another year.

How Should the Main Sewer Be Cleaned?

Many people perform their London Ontario sewer maintenance with a technique known as “snaking.”  Snaking involves letting a metal device run down through the sewer pipe to break up a blockage.  It is a very common way to clean pipes.

Taking it a step further, BEST also offers high pressure sewer flushings.  It will flush water through inlet or outlet lines in order to blast any blockages away.   

What if a Tree Root Gets in the Main Sewer Pipe?

All it takes is one unruly tree root to crack a clay sewer pipe and compromise your drainage system. If a tree root gets hold of your pipe, it will keep growing and the pipe will crack further and possibly even break. If you suspect that a tree might be at the root of your sewage problem (no pun intended!) contact the professional London Ontario sewer maintenance specialists at BEST and request a pipeline video inspection. The sooner you can isolate the problem, the easier it will be to implement a fix.

Don’t wait until there’s a problem with your plumbing or sewer system. Contact BEST Plumbing and Drainage for sewer cleaning services or to prevent and treat sewer blockages.

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