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Signs Of A Sewer Drain Clog

If your sewer drain is clogged, don't wait to take action! A sewer drain clog is a very serious plumbing emergency that requires the attention of our London Ontario sewer flushing experts.  When your sewer drain is clogged, the water has no place to go, so it comes back up into your household plumbing.  If your sewer drain is clogged, do not use any of your household plumbing until BEST can perform the necessary sewer repairs to clear up the problem.  But what are the signs of a sewer system clog?  Here’s how to tell if a clog has formed in your sewer drain.

More is NOT Merrier

The first sign of a serious sewer drain clog is that more than one plumbing fixture backs up at the same time.  Toilets seem to be particularly sensitive to this, since they have the most direct path to the sewer and the biggest drain in the house.  It’s unlikely that you’ll need sewer repairs and have working toilets at the same time. 

The other areas to check are your tub and shower.  These fixtures are also typically affected due to the fact that they sit lower than a sink drain.  If you suspect a block and find your shower clogged or backing-up, contact our London Ontario sewer flushing service and inquire about our high pressure sewer flushing. 

Strange Reactions May Require Sewer Repairs

Here are some unusual reactions to look for when you suspect a sewer clog:

  • Flush the toilet: if flushing the toilet results in water backing up or coming up into the tub or shower, this is a big sign of a sewer drain clog.  The flushed water that can’t go down the sewer drain flows back up in the pipes and comes out the lowest point, which is usually the shower drain. 
  • Run the sink: this will show you if there’s any trapped air or clogs in the plumbing system.  Run the sink closest to the toilet for about a minute.  If the toilet bubbles or you can see the water level in the toilet rising, then it’s very likely you’ll be in need of our sewer flushing service. 
  • Washing machine: an unexpected sign of a sewer drain clog can happen when you run the washing machine.   If water draining out of the washing machine causes the toilet to overflow or back up into the tub, it could be due to a clogged sewer drain.  However, don’t let this symptom alone lead to the diagnosis of a sewer drain clog.  It could just be a washing machine problem and a shower drain problem.  If the toilet is still flushing fine, then the sewer drain is likely not the issue. 

Check the Drainage at the Clean Out

If you have a main line clean out, then you’re in luck!  You have a convenient source to see if sewer repairs are necessary. Locate the clean out and open it.  Check the area for any waste or water that may be backing-up.  You should not be able to see the water coming up the clean out pipe.  If water is flowing up and out the clean out or standing in the pipe, then this confirms that you should contact a plumbing service like BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors for maintenance on your sewer drain.

A sewer drain clog should be cleared as quickly as possible.  We have many tools to ensure that your drain is up and running as quick as possible.  From a simple cleaning, to a flush out, to a video inspection to get a firm diagnosis, to a complete replacement - your drains are in capable hands with BEST.  Contact our London Ontario sewer maintenance services if you suspect something is wrong with your sewer drain.

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