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Six Tips to Handle a Leaky Basement this Spring

When it rains it pours… sometimes straight into your basement!  It isn't uncommon for forecasts of heavy rain to send people running from their basements and into the home improvement stores in order to stock up on sump pumps and beef up their London Ontario basement waterproofing system. And don't think just because you suffer from an intermittent problem that you’re exempt from long-term wet basement issues.  Even if your leaks are sparse, they can still rot your home’s structure, attract termites and carpenter ants, and cause noxious molds to take hold.  If you’re looking to sell, any of these problems could tank your property value.  Here are a few simple steps to improve your wet basement system without losing the shirt off your back.

1) Proper Basement Waterproofing Starts Outside

If you notice recurring dampness or puddles in the same spot of your basement, head outdoors to begin your search for the source.  Take a tour around the perimeter of your house near the spot where the leak is occurring.  Now look up and down.  Chances are the problem is one of three things:

  • A bent, clogged, or missing gutter that’s dropping roof runoff near the foundation
  • A downspout that’s releasing water too close to the home
  • An underground collection pipe that is clogged or broken

If any of these issues are plaguing your basement, the handymen at BEST Plumbing and Drainage can help you out by installing one of their wet basement control systems.

2) Shut Out the World

If you find that your leak is under a basement window, you can blame the window well.  Since the dugout permits the window to sit below grade, it can end up funneling rainwater against the foundation.  All that water needs is to find a nice crack or seam to get in.  Give your London Ontario basement waterproofing a boost by covering the window well with a clear plastic well cover.  This will keep the water out, but the sun will still be able to shine in.

3) Improve Your Wet Basement System by Plugging Cracks and Holes

If the water is entering through seams or cracks between concrete blocks or holes where the pipes penetrate the foundation, you may have some sealing work to do.  Generally this can be done with some hydraulic cement, which can be found at most home improvement stores. But there is no substitute for professional repairs.

4) Seal Damp Walls

A wall seems impenetrable, but that’s an illusion.  Water can seep right through the pores of a foundation wall or floor. What’s the easiest way to tell if this is happening? Check for white powder when the wetness dries in your basement.  If this residue is present, you will need to call in the experts at BEST Plumping and Drainage to fix your London Ontario basement waterproofing.

5) Dry Things Out

Sometimes high levels of humidity can cause mold to grow on your wood, wallboard, and drywall.  If the air smells musty, grab a dehumidifier and contact the folks at BEST.

6) When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get BEST

If you have a full-on flood in your basement, or water is entering between the wall and floor, it’s time to bring in the big guns from BEST Plumbing and Drainage.  We can assess the problem and then map out a solution for your London Ontario basement waterproofing issues.

Stay dry in your basement by having BEST Plumbing and Drainage fix all of your wet basement needs.

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