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Avoid a Soggy Basement with Regular Sump Pump Maintenance

Go to any home improvement store during a period of heavy rain and watch sump pumps fly off the shelves.  Some people neglect their basement waterproofing systems until it’s too late and they find themselves – literally – up the creek!  However, this doesn’t need to be the case for everyone.  By investing in regular basement waterproofing maintenance, you will save yourself money on a new sump pump and the exhaustion of manually pumping the water out of a soggy basement.  (And let's not even mention the cost of potential damage to your property.)  Take the need for occasional sump pump repair and maintenance seriously in order to ensure that your home is watertight.

Why Do Basement Waterproofing Systems Break Down?

Unfortunately, sump pumps are liable to wear and tear. These are mechanical devices after all – parts naturally wear down over time. Sump pumps have a significant number of moving parts, so many of those parts are bound to become worn or loose after years of repeated use.  As such, it's important that a trained professional check up on your London Ontario basement waterproofing system to ensure that it's operating properly.

Places to Check

BEST waterproofing professionals will check each of the following components during a routine waterproofing maintenance review:

#1: The Float

This is the first part of your basement waterproofing system to review.  Floats can get caught and tangled in debris, which inhibits the float’s ability to determine whether water levels are manageable or not.  If the float can’t do this, your sump pump and basement waterproofing system will not work.

#2: The Valve:

Another important part to maintain is the valve - particularly the check valve.  This valve makes sure that any water that flows through the pipes from your sump pump only flows away. In other words, the valve ensures that your water does not back up into the pump.  This process subjects the valve to a lot of pressure when the pump operates, giving it more of an opportunity to break down.

#3: Pipes and Hoses

The water that gets pumped away from your basement waterproofing systems is not always pure.  Since the water can be contaminated with different elements, it can clog your pipes and hoses over time.  Our technicians find everything from rocks and mud to lime deposits when performing routine maintenance.

#4: The Pump Itself

Finally, our BEST technicians will inspect the actual pump during a service review.  The pump itself is a mechanical device and is prone to wear, rust, and a handful of other forms of breakdown.  If the pump is broken, it will require repair.  This is not something to procrastinate over! Contact our London Ontario basement waterproofing department today if you think your sump pump is not performing correctly.

If your sump pump could use some repair and you’re a little unsure of how to go about it, have the experts at BEST Plumbing & Drainage take a look (as opposed to buying a system entirely).  Avoid the stress of a breakdown by maintaining your basement waterproofing systems now. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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