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Spring Plumbing Checklist

Winters can really wreak havoc on your plumbing.  With freezing temperatures putting a strain on the pipes and pressure on your tank, you may be experiencing some unfortunate drips and knocks that didn't exist last fall.  BEST's London plumbing services can make sure everything on your spring plumbing checklist is taken care of without hassle or future issues.

Check Your Drains

Spring is coming and the rain is here.  You need to make sure that the drains in your home are clog free and ready to take on anything. 

If you have an unused or infrequently used floor drain, fill the trap by pouring in a gallon of water.  You can do the same with a few buckets of water in a sump pump to test it out.  The sump pump should immediately switch on and pump out the water before turning off again.  If it doesn't do this, then it's time to get your sump pump checked by a BEST professional before your basement becomes a flooded. 

Exterior London Plumbing Services are Essential

Exterior plumbing can (and will, if damaged) have a huge negative impact on your home.  You need to make sure that your exterior plumbing and drainage is in proper working order to prevent floods or leaks. 

Start by cleaning out all the gutters and eaves.  Fix any damage that may have happened over the summer to avoid dealing with it when the first big storm comes.  Check also that the downspouts are directed away from the house at the right degree.

Check visible pipes and faucets for leaks or erosion.  These may have accumulated a certain amount of damage due to the changing pressures and ice in the system. 

A third place you'll need to check is your home's roof ventilation.  While these usually have a mesh surrounding the valve to prevent an intake of debris, you'll want to make sure the mesh is clear of leaves, ice, sticks, and, possibly even bird's nests. 

For all your exterior London plumbing services, trust BEST Plumbing & Drainage Contractors to get the job done right the first time. 

Don't Forget the Water Heater

You'll want to check for leaks before anything else.  Look around for water near the bottom of the tank.  Depending on if it's a big leak or a slow leak, there may be just a few drops or a big pool of water.  However, this can increase your water bill and waste tons of water if left unchecked.  It's important that if you do see any amount of leakage, call for plumbing service immediately. 

Look for the flush valve on your water heater and pump out a few gallons.  This will drain out sediment and allow you to look for corrosion in the tank.  Doing this once a year can actually make your water heater a more effective system and protect the life span of your heater. If you’re not comfortable checking yourself, call BEST.

Fix Running Toilets

Running or slow leak toilets can cost you big time on your water bill.  While running toilets are easy to spot and hear, you may not know how to look for a leak.  Try putting a few droplets of red or blue food colouring into the tank of the toilet.  If the colour appears in the toilet in less than an hour, it's time to get that toilet fixed. 

Don't let your spring start off sour with leaky pipes and expensive drainage issues.  For plumbing and drainage services you can trust, contact BEST today.

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