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Be Proactive About Summer Plumbing

The summer is an excellent time to do some simple plumbing upkeep, whether it's a DIY project or with the assistance of a London plumbing services.  Cold weather and snow cover can often deter investigations for things such as tree roots or cracked pipes.  In addition, it’s just more pleasant to perform routine plumbing and drainage maintenance in the summer.  Read on for advice from our plumbing services in London about how you can take charge with your summer plumbing maintenance.

Summer is an excellent time to ensure that winter hasn’t done a number on your indoor and outdoor pipes or water system.  Here are some things to check to ensure that everything is in working order:

1. Check Your Water Pressure
Attempting to wash something, whether it’s yourself, your dog, or a sink full of dirty dishes can become a laborious task if the water pressure is low.  If you're concerned that your water pressure might be low, we recommend running both a bathtub and kitchen faucet at the same time.  If the water pressure lessens when the second faucet turns on, this could be a sign that mineral deposits are building up in the plumbing pipes.  The solution can be simple (such as a pipe cleaning), or invasive (pipe replacements).  If you have water pressure issues, it’s better to identify and fix the issue before a pipe breaks.  Contact your BEST plumbing services for advice on how to proceed.

2. Check Your Toilets
A leaking toilet is an unsavoury prospect and something you'll want to fix in the summer. To find out if the toilet is leaking, check around the basin, on the floor where it’s anchored, and where the water lines come in.  What you’re looking for are loose tiles or soft walls.  If you notice either one, it’s a sign that the water lines and/or toilet is leaking.  Contact BEST plumbing service in London before a minor issue becomes a serious problem.

3. Check the Washing Machine
Your washing machine is connected to lines that deliver hot and cold water, as well as a drain that's used to evacuate water.  The rubber hoses it’s connected with are prone to wearing over time.  Check to see if they’re leaking, especially around the water sources.  If there has been some wear and tear, replacing the connector hoses is very easy and inexpensive.

In addition, check the drain to ensure it isn’t clogged or that the drain hose isn’t punctured.   If you see water damage around the floor, contact your plumbing service for additional advice.

4. Check the Water Heater
To ensure your showers remain hot, check your home’s water heater for any signs of leakage.  If the water heater is more than 15 years old, it may need replacing.  However, the level of water impurities can have an effect on a water heater’s effectiveness, both in hot water delivery and energy consumption.  While you are checking things out, turn the temperature down in order to prevent scalding.

While you’re at it, check any exposed pipes in the basement or crawl space for signs of leakage. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

5. Check the Sewer Lines
One big thing to check out in the summer is the sewer line. Tree roots can invade a sewer line and cause blockages.  Check the main drains in the home feeding into the sewer system for signs of stress.  Some things to look for include:

  • Toilet operation.  If the toilets take more than one or two flushes to evacuate, the sewer could be constricted.
  • Check the main drains in the home – especially those located in the basement – for signs of standing water, odours, and slow draining.

If you suspect the sewer is blocked, contact your London plumbing services.

6. Check Outdoor Faucets
Take a look around faucets and sprinkler heads for leaks or standing water.  If the water has been turned off for a reasonable amount of time and there’s still wetness visible, there is likely a leak somewhere.  This could be due to wear and tear or intrusion of vegetation.  Call your London plumbing services to find out. 

By being proactive now, you can enjoy the rest of the summer without worrying about malfunctioning plumbing.  Contact BEST London Ontario plumbing services for more information on summer plumbing upkeep.