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Toilet Terrors: Tips to Troubleshoot Your Toilet

Trying to diagnose toilet problems can feel like a much less glamorous episode of House.  Never fear.  We have the solution to five common toilet maladies.  However, when nothing – not even duct tape – works, we suggest going with professional London Ontario plumbers. 

Holding Out for a Royal Flush

The Problem: Your bathroom trips have increased exponentially in length due to the fact that your toilet won’t completely flush on the first try.

The Solution:  There could be a number of culprits here. 

First, lift the tank cover and take a look at the chain that connects the flapper cap to the flush handle.  If the chain is too long, the handle won’t lift the flapper cap enough.  You can shorten the chain length by hooking the flapper cap into another link of the chain.

If all is well with the chain, consider the water level in the tank.  The water level of the tank determines the strength of the flush.  If it seems a little low, lift the bulb of the float valve up a bit and see if that fills the tank.  If the tank doesn’t fill, look at the toilet bowl rim holes with a small mirror.  If they’re blocked, you can clean them with porcelain cleaner. 

If all else fails, contact your local London Ontario plumbers at BEST.

The Case of the Mysterious Flushing

The Problem: Your toilet experiences phantom flushing – to the point where you’re wondering if your house is haunted. 

The Solution:  Your flapper valve needs replacing.  When the flapper valve gets worn, it allows water to leak out of the drain, which means the toilet is constantly refilling.  Replacements can be found at most hardware stores (make your life easier and take the old one with you so you get the correct replacement).

The Marathon Toilet

The Problem: Your toilet is running so often, it puts most marathoners to shame.

The Solution: Again, the flapper valve seems to be the root of all evil.  It’s likely not sealing properly.  Ensure that nothing is preventing the valve from closing the way it should.  This includes bricks to raise the water level, mineral deposits, or a too short pull chain holding the valve slightly open. 

Drip, Drip, Drop

The Problem: Your tank is dripping.  Is it seasonal sweat or a bad seal?

The Solution: Put some food colouring in the tank.  If it reaches the floor, check for a cracked tank or loose connections. 

Your Toilet Runneth Over

The Problem: Your toilet is about to overflow.  Unfortunately, slamming the lid and praying it will go away never works. 

The Solution: As soon as the waters start to rise, open the tank and lift up the fill valve (a ball or a cylinder that floats on the water).  That will stop the flow to the toilet.  If your toilet is overflowing due to other reasons, then the good, old-fashioned plunger is your best bet. 

Go With The Plumbing Experts at BEST

Some toilet issues can’t be fixed in an afternoon. Call the pros if:

  • Severe water leaks that could damage the home’s structure.
  • Raw sewage is backing up into the home.
  • Water supply is cut off to your home and you don’t know how to restore it.
  • You can’t find the source of the problem.

Contact BEST’s London Ontario plumbers for any serious toilet issue.