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Advantages of Video Pipeline Inspections

It has been said that the real troubles in life are things that never cross your mind and tend to blindside you.  This is no truer than it is for pipeline damages.  Suddenly your drains start to run slow or worse yet, you come home to find the sinks, toilets, or showers backing up. Looks like you're in need of some London sewer repair services. 

The unfortunate part about fixing issues like these is that you never really know what’s wrong until you see it.  Seeing it usually means ripping out the plumbing, which results in a lot of costly repairs for you.  However, that is no longer the case, thanks to our pipeline video inspection services.  Here are several great reasons as to why video inspection is a worthwhile investment.

How Do Pipeline Video Inspection Services Work?

During a BEST pipeline video inspection, one of our knowledgeable technicians will send a camera down your pipes.  Not the “Say cheese!” or the “Lights!  Camera!  Action!” type of camera, but a flexible rod with a high-resolution camera on the end.  The rod is fed through the pipe or sewer line and it transmits video back to the camera operator.  Radio transmitters can be used to record the depth of the pipe, so we can pinpoint exactly where our London sewer repair services will be required.  This method does cost a bit more up front, but you are saving the time and resources when it comes to figuring out what is wrong and the location.  Plus it saves digging up your entire yard, which is always a nice bonus!

Features and Benefits of Pipeline Video Inspection Services

There are a multitude of reasons to use this method if you are experiencing pipeline issues, but for the purpose of this article, they can be clumped into three big ones.  First off is prevention.  If you are suspecting that something might be wrong with your pipes, a video inspection will locate cracks or the start of a blockage before it becomes a major problem. 

The second advantage is the ability to locate the damage.  Normally when you have a backup problem, locating the damage involves some well educated guesses.  If you’re not right the first time, guess what? You guess again and keep digging. A pipeline video inspection helps locate the problem quickly and efficiently, resulting in a huge savings on London sewer repair services. 

Finally, a video inspection can give you more information about a blockage, if that is the problem.  It allows you to determine how big the blockage is, as well as what type.  From there, you and your plumber can figure out the best course of action.  Perhaps you’ll luck out and the best option will not involve any digging!

When Should I Get a Video Inspection?

If you here burping or gurgling noise coming from your pipes, or you come home to find the pipes have backed up, there may be a problem.  Call BEST Plumbing and Drainage to request our pipeline video inspection services.  Doing so will help you avoid extensive and expensive repairs.  Another great idea would be to ask for one as part of your annual plumbing service from your London sewer repair services.  

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