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10 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Home and Yard

Indoor Tips

1) Check for Leaks
A leaky faucet may seem like a minor annoyance, but those drips can add up! In fact, studies have shown that a leaky faucet can waste nearly 90 litres of water in a week! That minor problem won't seem so small once you take a look at your inflated water bill. If you are unfamiliar with how to fix leaky faucets or pipes, the plumbing experts at BEST would be happy to show you how.

2) Check Your Toilet
The rise of low-flow or dual flush toilets has taught the world one thing: the porcelain throne sure does use a lot of water.  Toss in a leak on top of regular water consumption and it will likely result in a lot of wasted water.  Toilet leaks should be repaired immediately.  Talk to your London Ontario plumbers from BEST for advice on replacement parts and how to proceed with the repair.

3) Go Low-Flow
Water-saving low-flow showerheads are inexpensive, easy to install, and available at most home improvement stores. Traditional showers can distribute 15 litres of water each and every minute; low-flow showerheads reduce that to 7.5 litres per minute. 

4) Insulate Your Water Pipes
This is an easy, inexpensive, and practical fix for your home.  You simply need pre-slit foam pipe insulation, which is available at plumbing stores and hardware stores.  Insulating your water pipes has three benefits:

  • Your water will warm quicker since the pipes will be warmer.
  • You’ll wait less time for hot water, thus you will save on water.
  • Insulated pipes are less likely to crack or burst in the winter.  A cracked or burst pipe is an extensive repair that only plumbers in London can fix, so preventative measures are a definite must.

5) Cut Down on Shower Time
This is a basic, inexpensive tactic that you don’t need to contact a professional plumber to help implement!  Combine shorter showers with a low-flow showerhead and you'll be amazed at how much water you can save.

How to Conserve Water Outside Your Home

6) Go for Drought-Resistant Landscaping
Whether you are planting a new lawn, installing new shrubs, or revitalizing an old garden, consider opting for a drought-resistant landscape. The obvious benefit is that they can go without watering for longer periods.

Another option is to use plants native to the area where you live. These will require less water and will be more resistant to local plant pests and diseases.

7) Add Some Mulch to Your Yard
Mulch slows the evaporation of moisture while discouraging weed growth.  Adding a few inches of mulch will increase the soil's ability to retain moisture, which will decrease your watering frequency.

8) Check for Leaks in Your Outdoor Watering Equipment
Leaks outside the home may not be as visible, but they are just as wasteful as indoor leaks.  Check frequently to ensure your pipes, hoses, faucets, and couplings are drip-free.  If you find a leak, the plumbers at BEST will be able to assist you with the repairs.

9) Don’t Run the Hose While Washing Your Car
Like taking shorter showers, this is also a very simple tactic that will not require the help of any London Ontario plumbers.  You can clean your car using a pail of soapy water and only use the hose for rinsing.  This can save you hundreds of gallons of water per year. Alternatively, you can look into waterless car washing products.

10) Deep-Soak Your Lawn
One of the best ways to water your lawn is to water it deeply and infrequently.  While watering, give it enough time to soak down to the roots.  Light sprinklings evaporate quickly and will require repeat watering sessions.

Conserving your water can have a big impact on your water bill.  For more information on ways to conserve water in your home, contact the London Ontario plumbing contractors at BEST Plumbing and Drainage.

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