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Wet Basement: Water Control vs Waterproofing

Many London homeowners enjoy having the additional living space basements offer. Even unfinished basements being used for storage need to be kept dry as often important heating, plumbing, and electrical infrastructure is housed there, and a wet basement poses serious health issues.

There are two basic solutions to a wet basement: water control (interior) and waterproofing (exterior). Water control is usually less expensive and easier to install than waterproofing. The cost and convenience of water control seems appealing to some homeowners, but unless the cause of the leak is addressed the situation is not going to go away. Ignoring the damage being done to the exterior of your home’s foundation can affect house value and likely will have to be dealt with eventually regardless. Be informed before you make a decision.

Water Control

Interior water damage is usually addressed by draining away the water inside the basement through the use of sump pumps and plastic water barriers. Controlling the water in other words. While diverting the water back outside is important when there’s water in the basement, it stands to reason that unless the source of the water is discovered and resolved the water will continue to enter the basement.

Water control as a backup measure is fine, especially if there’s significant investment in remodelling or finishing the basement level of your home.


Water sitting against the exterior of your basement walls is inevitable all things being equal. But if there are grading problems, or issues with a recurring high water table, then the chances of your basement leaking increase dramatically. If you have an older home that has shifted or had previous water damage will leak eventually if preventive measures aren’t taken.

Waterproofing requires removing the soil from against the foundation and cleaning the walls to inspect for cracks or damage. Problems are filled and then the walls coated with a protective sealant. This protects the foundation from water damage and keeps the basement dry.

Mold and Mildew

Basements are fertile ground for mold and mildew because they typically offer damp, cool, dark environments. Once established, mold and mildew can be difficult to remove and can pose serious health issues.

Removing mold and mildew is a long, expensive process and it’s always easier to prevent the problem than fix it. And don’t forget, the exterior basement walls are just as important to a prospective home buyer as the interior basement walls. A compromised foundation will dramatically affect the value of your home and your ability to enjoy it.

Get A Professional Evaluation

A waterproofing professional with integrity is going to look for the source of the problem and recommend a solution to that problem rather than a solution that leaves the source of the problem unresolved. A reputable professional is going to dig down to the bottom of the foundation for proper waterproofing. Anything less is ineffective and offers little long term benefit.

Be proactive now in identifying and solving these water problems in the summer. Call the waterproofing experts at BEST Plumbing & Drainage Contractors for more information and for expert advice and service.

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