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Follow These Tips to Winterize Your Home

Winter's coming and it's time to prepare!  With the frosty air and freezing temperatures, it's important to winterize your house so you don't end up spending thousands of dollars repairing your plumbing.  That's right – the cold winter temperatures can do serious damage to your plumbing, turning your holiday cheer into festive frustration. Avoid facing a flood that will create an emergency situation and save money on plumbing services this season with these easy tips.

Don't let your pipes freeze

Insulating and a proper heating system can prevent a huge river of water leaking through the ceiling while you're carving the holiday turkey.  If your home's temperature ever drops to zero, chances are you're going to face a burst pipe.  While this won't normally be an issue for homeowners who stay put during the winter months, it's a common problem for snowbirds that travel south. Exposed external pipes should also be insulated and monitored regularly.

When water freezes it expands. As such, if your pipe doesn't have room allowing the water to expand, it is likely to burst.  Once the ice begins to melt, you'll find yourself in the middle of a swimming pool - inside your house!  These leaks could occur anywhere in your home.  Once a pipe bursts, don't wait – contact BEST's London Ontario plumbers to fix the problem, clean up the mess, and restore water to your home. 

Make sure your insulation is tight and your heating system is in tiptop shape before winter comes to avoid additional plumbing service expenses.  This will include insulating any piping that isn't already protected. Look for exposed piping in the basement, attic, exterior walls, or anywhere else you can think of.  If you're leaving for the winter, drain your pipes before setting off down South to prevent bursts. 

Drain your hose bibs

These are the exterior faucets used for your hoses.  These will need to be drained by opening the faucet.  Turn off the water supply for the winter, and make sure all garden hoses are disconnected.  Want to make that snow rink for hockey with the kids?  Spray it before, or your faucets can be turned on temporarily when it comes time to make the ice pad. 

Cover your water heater

If you don't have an insulating blanket, now is the time to buy one.  You can find a water heater blanket from Canadian Tire for $40, and its well worth the investment. Insulate your water heater to prevent your heater from having to work harder on those cold winter days. 

For those exposed pipes mentioned above, you can find insulating wrap that will do the same job for your pipes as the insulating blanket will do for your water heater.  Not sure if your pipes need insulating or stumped as to which insulating product will work best for your pipes? Don't worry, we can help! Contact the local London plumbing experts here at BEST for assistance. 

Anti-freeze: the chemical plumbing service

This is your best friend when it comes to sinks with traps and a winter away from home.  If you have sinks with traps, it's a good idea to pour some anti-freeze down the drain.  Some homeowners have an issue with ice collecting in their traps when they come home from the sunny South, but antifreeze will get the job done so you don't have to call for a plumber. 

Most homeowners who stay in Canada for the winter won't have to worry much about winterizing.  But if you're leaving, make sure you get everything protected thoroughly to avoid causing a hassle when you come home.  BEST Plumbing and Drainage Contractors can make sure you get the job done right.  Contact BEST for a London Ontario plumbing service estimate for a worry-free winter vacation this year!

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