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Yard Drainage and the Spring Thaw – Are You Ready?

Spring is coming and it's time to make sure your London yard drainage is ready for action.  With the topsy-turvy weather that has defined this winter, it's important to be prepared for anything.  This is particularly true if you live near one of London's catch basins.  Not sure what you can do to prevent the affects of the spring thaw from harming your home and yard?  Read on to find out tips from the BEST plumbing company in London.

Clear Your Catch Basins

If you live in front of one of the city's catch basins, it's a good idea to make sure all debris is cleared out of it before the rain and thaw comes.  It's easy for litter, sticks, and leaves to become lodged in the basin, which could cause serious problems with flooding.

At BEST we understand this can be a hassle.  Don't worry – we can help. BEST can take care of all your London yard drainage needs for a reasonable price.

Check Your Levelling

If your yard has a hard time draining year after swampy year, then the problem may lie in the level of your yard.  If your yard slopes at all into your foundation of your house then this could be what's causing the flooding. 

Another problem could be the absence of a slope away from your house.  This could be as much an issue as if your yard tilts towards your house because the water has nowhere to go.  While it's great that your plants will get water to recuperate from that harsh winter, the water build up can actually cause serious lawn damage.

There are a few ways to correct the problem.  You can work on the grading of your lawn by adding more of a decline away from your house.   This will allow the water to gradually slide off your lawn while retaining some of the moisture.

If this isn't right for your lawn, it might be time to consider a drainage system.  This could be a French drain, downspout drain, or water harvesting. These systems can work beautifully with your landscape design, and add something that is not only effective, but also stylistically cohesive.

Spread the Snow

If you have huge mountains of snow around your yard, with gaps of barren grass, shift the snow a bit.  This will help the snow melt a little bit faster.  It will also prevent snow from subsuming an entire section of your yard from too large a mound. 

If you do have a London yard drainage system, try spreading the snow near the system to help it run right into the grooves.  Also, make sure the snow hasn't built up in shady areas.  If it has, move it towards your drainage system to avoid allowing a lawn mould to develop.  

Hold the Hose to Help London Yard Drainage

Most homeowners are pretty eager to water their lawns as soon as the warm weather hits.  But remember that there's tons of snow and rain that will keep your lawn plenty watered.  Adding more may only cause larger problems for your drainage issues.  To avoid this, wait until your lawn is completely drained, and never water right before a rainstorm is predicted or right after. 

For the best London yard drainage services, contact BEST for your complimentary quote today.

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